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Certified accommodations

FIAB certified Bike-friendly accommodations and published a catalog.
You can read the catalogue with a single-click on the image here on the left.

While browsing the Albergabici site or the Bicitalia maps you occasionally will find the plate of Albergabici Amici della Bicicletta. You can find that same plate in the hall or at the entrance of those hotel facilities that have been recognized by FIAB as ideal for the hospitality to cyclists.

Mandatory requirements for certification

Every hotel, B&B, hostel, campsite and so on certified by FIAB as Bike-friendly must have the following mandatory features:

  • Single-night stays available (August excluded)
  • Safe indoor space to store bicycles overnight, free of charge
  • Cycling maps of the surrounding area for free/on loan/for sale. FIAB can give assistance, on request
  • Suitable spaces to dry clothes and equipment, available to guests
  • Basic bicycle repair equipment, available to guests
  • Knowledge of bicycle supplies/repair shops in the area
  • Fulfilling and cyclist-suited breakfasts, with foods such as muesli, yogurt, jam, honey, fruit and bread

The facilities can offer other services

In the catalog and on the site you can see if the accommodation has the following reccomended Requirements:

  FIAB members discount
  FIAB groups discount
  Easily reachable by bike
  Knowledge of FIAB and Bicitalia in the area
  Contacts with experts on local routes
  Guides for local tours offered or provided with
  Cycling maps and articles available
  Roadside recovery for Cyclists
  Free laundry facilities
  Paid laundry facilities
  Bike washing area
  Repairing equipment
  Guest book
  Bike rental
  Lunch boxes on request



Every FIAB or ECF  member that stayed in one of the accommodations recognized by FIAB can write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to notify FIAB about missing services from the above list. FIAB will conduct an audit and remove those accommodations from the list of Bicycle's Friend Accommodations if they do not satisfy the mandatory requirements .